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Ryhanyan  jewelry company started its activity in 1375 in research and experiment in the field of heat treatment, coating and finishing of various metals, and from 1375 to scan specifically focused on the precious metal cover.

In 1378 professional activities in the field of gold and silver forming began . And we  are proud that in this field the only manufacturer of gold and silver (mirror and candlesticks) style using electromagnetic forming "Stanley Lechtzin". In Electroforming، the grade of gold and silver is  999, and the final product in terms of quality of products produced is equal to the methods of casting (Casting) ، The difference is that in this method final weight at least 80% decreased and consequently its price is also significantly reduced. One can even say for sure the final product quality of the product quality in method of casting (Casting) is far better.

Our goal is to improve the quality as well as lower its price. Although it may be hard to believe, but this group is using the latest technologies in the field of gold and silver forming to be able to provide this for you dear customer.

Suppose you are in one of their relatives or acquaintances that you would have seen a sculpture 1 kg silver  and wanted to own similar to it. With one call with the company and send pictures corresponding figures similar samples with higher quality and maximum weight of 200 grams (depending on the model statue) order it as soon as we pick it up.

The group”s policy is:

  1. focused on customer satisfaction and acceptance for our ever-increasing customer expectations of quality products.
  2. trying to compete on price with increased productivity and quality
  3. to produce under the influence of Iranian culture

The company's 1375 research and experimental activities in the field of coating, heat treatment, finishing and scanning various metals began in 1375, specialized in precious metals focused on coatings. According to the needs of the jewelry industry in electroforming technology to create three-dimensional large parts, with the lowest weight possible, we have focused their research on electroforming gold and silver, and after 15 years of research and numerous tests failed to localize this technique got our country.
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